Kpong Rice Farmers Cry for Market


Rice farmers at Kpong Irrigation Project in the Greater Accra Region, have appealed to the government to find market for the large stock of paddy rice they have produced during this year’s crop season. 

Mr. Gideon Mantey, President of the Association, who made the appeal in Accra on Monday through the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said rice production increased from four tones to 5.5 tonnes during the season, due to the fertilizer subsidy programme introduced by the government. 

The Association also complained about logistics problems such as lack of spare parts for power tillers available for crop production and drying facilities. 

He said currently, the project have only three combine harvesters, explaining that the ideal number was supposed to be six.  Mr. Mantey noted that, since the construction of the irrigation project 11 years ago, no meaningful renovation had been done on the facility, leading to improper flow of irrigated water and other technical difficulties. 

He called on the government to rectify the anomalies to keep the farmers in business. Mr. David Asumeng Member of Parliament for Shai –Osudoku, told the GNA that farmers at communities like Kasunya, Asutsuare, Volivo, and Akuse have large stock of paddy rice without immediate ready market.

He also confirmed that the introduction of subsidies on fertiliser had boosted the crop production. 

Mr. Asumeng said the farmers also lack storage facilities for their produce. He called on the authorities of the National School Feeding Programme, the Buffer Stock Companies, Ghana Prisons Service and other organisations to come to the aid of the farmers who are highly indebted to the banks.