Northern Star Tomatoes Factory to Produce 250 Tonnes per Day


Ms Hannah Tetteh, Minister of Trade and Industry said the revamped Northern Star Tomato Factory had the capacity to fully run and process tomatoes throughout the tomatoes seasons at a minimum production capacity of 250 metric tonnes per day.

She said it was in line with the government objective of promoting value addition and agro processing to address the problem of post harvest losses and perennial glut of tomatoes.

Ms Tetteh who was answering questions on the floor of parliament added that the effort was not limited to tomatoes but other vegetables, fruits and food items to ensure suitable prices and incomes for the farmers.

She said, government through the Ministry of Trade and Industry had revamped the Pwalugu Tomato Factory which was now called Northern Star Tomato Factory in the Kasina Nankana district to assist tomatoes farmers get value for their produce.

“This is done by retooling, rehabilitating and refurbishing the building plant and equipment at the factory,” she said.

She said this year the Ministry of Trade and Industry provided the factory with the necessary working capital which enabled it purchase tomatoes from farmers for processing, making farmers not to go through the unfortunate situation where tomatoes got rotten as it was in the past.

She noted that her Ministry was in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture to increase tomatoes production to feed the factory during the next crop season.